Yana Shellman

New York & New Jersey

website: yanashellman.com


Hi, I am Yana Shellman. I was born and raised in Russia and then Ukraine and now live in NJ since 2005. I love and respect tradition, culture, family and customs but I also enjoy non-traditional elements in every wedding. So no matter what kind of wedding you have, I try to capture genuine emotion and happiness of the moment. My goal at every wedding is to serve you the best way possible and record not only beautiful interactions but also emotions that you have for each other at that moment. Later in life those pictures will help you remember what you started with and will help you keep growing and nurturing that love!

I would describe my style as a mixture of photojournalism, traditional portraiture (grandma will be happy!) and directive posing (basically I tell you what to do, you do it, I take pictures and it looks good :).

I would love to serve you!